UnitCare Newsletters

We publish a quarterly newsletter and have done so since we started the business in 1994.

They cover the issues important to South Australia's 100,000+ unit owners. Our newsletters also cover social and environmental issues.

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Summer 2006/07

Summer 2006/7

  • Water restrictions
  • Managers lie - privacy legislation & owners right to information
  • Real Estate Institute Code of Practice


Spring 2007

Autumn 2007

  • Manager bad advice costs owners
  • Best Practice - owner duty to maintain
  • Strata insurance improvements in cover

Winter 2007Winter 2007

  • Trees for life
  • Insurance certification of agents
Spring 2006

Spring 2006

  • Electrical equipment - testing requirements
  • Sustainability - how we can all help
  • Strata Corporation vs Thomson - Court Case

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