Body Corporate Managers - What do they do?

The following are some of the common duties performed by managers for their client corporations.

Collect, bank and account for maintenance contributions, levies, interest and other amounts due to the Corporation.
Send notices levying maintenance or other contributions and pay accounts and outgoings.
Prepare annual statements of accounts of the Corporation and arrange an annual audit of the Trust Account.
Arrange for the preparation and lodgement of annual Tax Return and any other ATO related dealings.
Financial and activity reports to all owners annually.
Prepare a budget for the coming year.

Prepare and distribute meeting notices.
Attend meetings as requested and assist the Presiding Officer and Secretary in the conduct of meetings.

Advise and arrange for maintenance, repair and replacement of common property.
Provide all hours access to emergency maintenance.
Organise emergency maintenance works.

Place and renew insurances.
Have any claim promptly processed.
Liaise with a qualified valuer to assess the Corporation’s replacement value if instructed.

Promptly deal with Corporation correspondence and requests for search statements.
Regularly inform Officers of the nature and importance of correspondence.
Keep all records of the Corporation secure and confidential.
Hold and use the Common Seal in accord with the Corporation’s resolutions.

Additional Duties
Unless specified otherwise the following are Additional Duties for which extra fees may apply.

Legal Proceedings
Attend hearings and legal proceedings of a Tribunal or Court either as a witness or on behalf of the Corporation.
Instruct solicitors, attend conferences and generally supervise legal proceedings involving the Corporation.

Extraordinary Maintenance
We can liaise with Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Builders, Loss Adjusters and Assessors, Statutory Authorities, neighbours if major works are necessary.

Additional Accounting
Keep any wage, Work Cover or other records required by law for employees or contractors of the Corporation and complete and submit returns.
Prepare at the request of the Corporation, financial statements and budgets other than for the AGM.
Arrange for the preparation and lodgement of BAS and other tax documents if required.

Meter Readings
Reading of meters and recovery of electricity or other utility charges to individual units.


Ask you current or prospective manger to supply a contract that details the duties and terms of their management.